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I now live in Victoria, after a couple years on the North Shore of Vancouver, and a (too) brief time in the prairies. Working as an artist, mother and wife (not necessarily in that order), i am striving to live well, to find the truth of God in all things, and to pass on this truth to others.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

here's to good weekends

this morning the leaves fell off our tree, and my daughter wore her snow boots to school:  winter seems to be arriving.  i confess, i expected it sooner so i'm not feeling too much sadness at its arrival.  the other day in church a lady said to me "i'm going to say something worse than swearing:  it's snowing."  i was expecting something inappropriate to come out of her mouth, so i was a little disappointed.
we just had a wonderful halloween weekend.  my kids dressed as a bride and a ninja - totally appropriate for both of their personalities.  there's my four year old, ripping around the lawns, yelling and jumping in his black long johns, and my seven year old, walking as though down the aisle, bouquet of fake flowers in hand, wearing a friend's mother's slip as a dress.  perfection.

on saturday we had a pumpkin carving party.  we've always carved with scott's brother's family, so it just felt wrong to carve alone - like a sign of pumpkinism - hiding in a dark corner with knife and vegetable, feasting on seeds.  anyways, we invited close friends and man, the creativity flew!  my daughter was rummaging through the fridge, calling out "i found a nose!" and producing a baby potato or a roma tomato for a tongue.  she radiated.  and then we saw the zucchini....

that night scott and i went on a date and saw "footloose".  we sung at the top of our lungs - even though we don't know the words "geese, louise, shada offa ooo eese....", and scott got up and danced during the closing credits - even getting some applause when he catapulted over a railing.  we danced to the car, we danced to the coffee shop, we danced back to the car, and i thought "this is why i married this man".  i felt like we were dating again, but i got to go home with him.  awesome!!

then on Sunday, my son was trying to say the word "hallelujah" and was having difficulty (no, i was not asking him to say the word hallelujah, it wasn't part of family devos or as a part of weekly scripture memorization - just to be clear).  so, i started singing "halle-lu-halle-lu-halle-lu-halle-lu-jah!" (do you know that song?).  well, soon enough, scott and i were performing a rousing rendition of it, complete with actions, at the dinner table.  again, this man was made for me.

before bed monday night my kids looked at me and said "please try and keep dad away from the candy mom".  poor things, they truly believe that scott has no personal self control when candy is involved.  and, i mean, he has a little.
in the morning, my son stumbles into the room, eyes half open, hair all over the place (delicious!) and says "how much is left mom?".  i said "daddy only had three pieces, he wouldn't really eat all your candy!" and he answered "i would still love you guys if you did".  COME ON!!!!  it's worth it!!

so, a great weekend.  and today my house is sparkling because i had some conflict to attend to, which made me nervous, which makes me clean.  windows, floors, dusting, bathrooms.  i was a whirling dervish of emotional sanitation.  but, the conversations have happened, the floors are smiling, and i get to sit back and blog.  phew.

i do feel like my energy levels are soaring since i started cutting back on sugar and cutting out yeast.  thank God there's some positive!  how could i handle the halloween candy box calling to me without it?  i tell myself it's all cheap chocolate anyways and doesn't taste good, but i know i'm lying.  kit kat.  dairy milk.  reeses pieces.  i miss you. 

i'm off to make a gluten free lasagne. 


  1. Way to go, Janet! Those sweets are so not worth the calories, although I do think m&m's are worth it:) I invited some of the ladies from my home group to come with me to see Footloose! It made me think of you. You were always so good about inviting people to hang out with you and what a blessing it was to me. Two ladies joined me and unfortunately, there was no singing or dancing. BUT I really wanted to! I would have totally joined in with you and Scott! You two are the perfect match. I can't wait for the day when I go on a date and then am able to go home with him too! It will happen and I think maybe sooner than later:) I went to a Halloween party on Halloween night and it was so good to be with people and have fun and laugh together. There was pumpkin carving as well as many delicious treats! (and a certain boy was there as well dressed as Goose from Top Gun!) So glad to hear that God is continuing to bless you and meet your needs, even through cleaning! Love you all! P.S. Nathan was a ninja as well. He had some pretty good moves that he demonstrated to me and on Sunday, we went and saw Puss and Boots at the Clova together. We were celebrating his 8th birthday!

  2. Love your pumpkins Andersons!!! And am very impressed at your control Janet, in cutting back on sugar at Halloween of all times...I am more like Scott in this area; we had very few trick or treaters this year & lots of candy...its bad. Hugs, Mare

  3. i enjoy reading your blog. i miss you janny. mahal kita.