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Monday, September 10, 2012

a new era

today was my son's first day of kindergarten, and scott and i's first sabbath without kids.  it was delightful.  after the usual hubbub of getting the kids out the door in the morning, we leisurely spent the a.m. napping, reading, and snuggling.  went out for lunch and then did some shopping (!), bought me some boots (!!!) and a new BEAUTIFUL winter coat.  happy birthday to me!

my son was beaming when i picked him up "mommy!  three recesses AND gym!!", i made chicken cordon bleu for dinner and then the kids made an obstacle course in the backyard and we raced - my daughter won.  i think i will have bruises from the "sit in the toy dump truck and move it over to the tree without using your feet" obstacle.  what was i thinking trying to squeeze my butt into that toy?  scott pointed out the fact that the bucket portion of the truck seems to have been widened - he wisely said "we broke it"...but i think we all know who broke it, and there's no "we" about it.

so, all in all a fantastic beginning to this new era in parenting.  i keep saying to scott "we made it!" and i can hardly believe it.  i almost get misty eyed due to the fact that both my kids can wipe their own butts and get into their own carseats.  and now they have lockers and school shoes and lunch kits! 

my hope for this season is to spend sabbath with scott, one day a week painting, and one day every other week volunteering at the crisis pregnancy center.  it feels surreal to be in a place of making decisions based on my passions and giftings, and not on childcare needs, nap times, the emotional/physical needs of my kids, etc.. 

and what an absolute joy to watch my kids grow and explore and mature (a little).  i found out that my daughter, who's in grade 3, found her little brother on the playground at lunch and invited him to play with her and her friends.  he got to be a baby porcupine in their game.  i'll have to spike his hair for wednesday so he can really get into character.  what a big sister.  the only time i remember seeing my big brother at elementary school was on the bus - and he told my mom that i kissed a boy on the ride home in grade one and she sent me to my room to "think about it".  i did kiss him, but only because the bus guard - one of those burly grade fivers that you see in movies - made me.  his name was Grant and he had an english accent.  and so began my illustrious kissing career.  of all the times i should have been sent to my room, the grade one bus kiss was not one of them.   

i don't blame you though mom.  how does one handle such scenarios?  yesterday my son cut his sister's new doll's hair.  she walked downstairs and he said "it cuts like real hair!  look!" and proceeded to unwrap his fingers, revealing a small clump of dolls hair in his palm.  to her immense credit she did not scream, she just came to me and calmly relayed the information.  what's a parent to do?  i made him pay her a dollar.  i said that he had damaged someone elses property, and according to the law he had to pay for it.  he took it well. 

Lord knows what disciplinary measures i'll be wading through next week, or even tomorrow.  it's enough to make me want to turn ostrich and hide my head in the sand. 

praise God there's another sabbath coming.


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