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Monday, March 26, 2012

birthday wishes

i was at a small gathering a few weeks ago, sharing my art and story, and mentioned that i had a daughter who was about to turn out.  a woman there said "what?  you're not old enough for that!  did you have her when you where 14?"
oh, dear.  part of me wanted to hug her, and part of me wanted to demand a urine sample because drugs are obviously an issue.
anyways, i DO have a daughter who has just turned 8.  and, forgive me, but i'm going to use this blog to wax eloquent on her party.  because it was awesome.
my daughter starts planning her parties a year in advance.  now, the plans change multiple times during the year, but be assured she is already planning for party number nine.  she came up with the idea of a spa party sometime last summer, and the theme of berries was added a few months ago, and voila! 8 friends were invited to her
berry beautiful birthday
we started with face masks:  mashing strawberries and adding yogurt.  the girls all squealing as their partners spread it on their faces.  i suppose i should have warmed up the yogurt a little...and the classic cucumbers on the eyes.  after they washed it off a few looked around and said "my skin feels SO soft!".  yes, i'm sure all of the dry patches and wrinkles attacking your seven-year-old visage have disappeared. 

we moved on to exfoliating lips and hands and feet and doing nails.  at one point i heard one girl say to her friend "this party is AWESOME!".  now, you all know how dearly i appreciate praise - i swelled like a balloon.
which brings me to decorations.  you know when you have an idea and feel like you have finally tapped into your super-mom potentials?  well, my daughter asked to play "pin the leaves on the strawberry".  so, i got out two big pieces of paper.  i gave my 4 year old son a brush and said "paint this entirely green", and my girl painted hers red.  after they dried we cut out a large strawberry shape and 10 leaf shapes for the game, and then numerous mini strawberries for a garland.  it was like i was channelling eric carle!  they looked awesome and the kids loved it, or, at least i did.

we ate copious amounts of berries and waffles and a dear dear friend asked if she could make the cake as her present (YES!!!!), she she showed up with a giant strawberry that we will still be eating for Easter dinner i think.  the cake is always the most stressful part of the party for me - i have had some dismal failures in the past, totally exacerbated by the fact that i feel like i should be amazing at cake decorating because i'm an artist.  i'm not amazing.  i'm not even close to amazing.  i think i would be labelled as "good try", like the participation ribbons i used to get on field day in elementary school.  i once made a princess dress cake that turned into a strawberry shortcake doll drowning in a sea of blue icing.  i think i scared the kids at the party.  so this gift of cake was truly a blessing. 

we sent off a gaggle of girls, scrubbed and lotioned and painted to perfection.  and then lay on the couch for the rest of the day (scott and i, that is).
my son asked my daughter what she wished for when she blew out her candles and she answered "a happy family... and i got it!"

yes, sometimes wishes do come true. 

only twelve more months to plan for next year.

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  1. Happy 8th Birthday, Olivia!!! What a great birthday party! So blessed to have such an amazing and creative mommy!
    Love Cori