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Friday, February 24, 2012


so, i've been battling.  snot, mostly.  headaches, tiredness.  going to bed before my kids most nights.  i've read a stupid novel (i just HAD to know the ending.  what is wrong with me?!!!!).  and, finally, went to the doctor.
and, a gift.
she told me that I have a sinus infection.

now, i know you're thinking, how is a sinus infection a gift?  well, i'm sitting in her examining room, watching her typing what i hoped was a prescription, and i tentatively asked: 
"so, is it an infection?"
when she said yes, in my mind she didn't say "you are sick", she said "you have permission".

i haven't cleaned the house in over 10 days.  my carpets were crying out "what lies beneath?! what lies beneath?!", the toilet sneered "don't you know that when i am servicing a small boy i need to be cleaned more often than this?", the dust doesn't talk, but i know it's thinking along the same lines. 

this was what is termed "february break" in saskatoon - they don't do spring break, but a week off in both February and in April (or whenever Easter hits).  so, i've had two kids at home all (read that as AAALLLLLL) week.  we limit how much television and computer games our kids ingest, but this week mommy was a little lax.

so, the words "it's a sinus infection" actually sounded in my ears this way:
"you poor thing!  don't you do a minutes work - you need rest!!  just let the kids watch tv...leftovers for dinner...early to bed tonight and no vacuuming for you Missy!"

i think if she had said it was just a cold i would have burst into tears.  my return home was my own personal triumphal entry - blessed is she who comes with a sinus infection.

that said, i did vacuum today (i've been on antibiotics for two days now) and thought i actually heard a sigh of relief from my home.  and, there's little in life as satisfying as those lines your vacuum makes when you have thick carpet.  i've waited eleven years for thick carpet and am living in a continual state of thankfulness.

one thing that i actually did accomplish in the last week was to put the finishing touches on a Lenten devotional.  i've been working on it together with the arts group at our church - exploring some themes of Lent with the help of the arts.  it's turned out pretty great, and you can find it here.  (i think it will be added to weekly, with a new page each sunday).

scott and i are giving up television for Lent.  you read me.  every night we put the kids to bed and i turn to him and say "i want to watch television".  so, a good fast to choose i think.  it's amazing how much more conversation and prayer and reading and listening happens when the tv is out of commission. 
it also helps that downton abby is over so i'm not missing anything.  does my acute level of holiness shock you? :)

i hope that you find gifts in strange places and blessings on the lips of strangers.  even if that gift is a sore throat and a snotty nose.  amen.

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