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I now live in Victoria, after a couple years on the North Shore of Vancouver, and a (too) brief time in the prairies. Working as an artist, mother and wife (not necessarily in that order), i am striving to live well, to find the truth of God in all things, and to pass on this truth to others.

Friday, January 21, 2011

all things new

on my wedding day my dear friend Roxy, who was one of my bridesmaids, looked at me and said "Janet, God has been GRACIOUS to you" (meaning:  it is a miracle of God that you are marrying such a man).  She said this repeatedly, repeatedly throughout the day.  it was a little frustrating at the time.  i mean, there's a little bit of grace flowing his direction too right?  anyways, she was right - God has been exceedingly gracious in my marriage.  and now i'm sitting in my new kitchen, overlooking my gorgeous house, and again, God has been GRACIOUS to me. 
there have been many times over the last few months where I have wondered what the heck God was up to.  My mom kept saying "oh, God's just waiting until the right house comes along for you" and i thought (sorry mom) "that's not always how life works."  and it's not.  many people are living wholeheartedly in the center of God's will, and they are suffering, they are living in deep pits where trusting is their only lifeline.  So, i don't think the grace of this home is a pat on the back for my good service.  but it is a gift.  and i'm treasuring it. 
we moved in yesterday, the coldest day of the year here in Saskatoon, with temperatures in the minus forties.  at one time I looked at the man moving in our boxes, who was from Quebec, and i thought he might burst into tears.  it was crazy cold. when we were unpacking the kitchen the glasses would immediately frost when they were unwrapped.  and anything metal would burn your skin.  welcome to the prairies!
but the house was immaculately clean.  and breathtakingly beautiful.  honestly, i feel like a princess. 

today my daughter had to bring to school:  a toboggan, a mug, and hot chocolate.  are you kidding me!!!
and this is my quote of the day.  i was picking up my son from a play date and as we were leaving the house he said "my mittens aren't on!" and i said "it's okay, it's only minus fourteen today".  he walked outside and said, "yah, i'm fine!". 

we now live in Saskatchewan. 
and i love it.
thankyou God for your grace.


  1. I know you're probably crazy busy but I would love to get together with you sometime for coffee if you have some free time. I added Scott on Facebook but I couldn't find you, so I'll message him my number and if you want we can get together and chat about art and life.

  2. I'm just catching up now on your blog. But two things: loved the quote about -14'C. Wait until it's 5'C and people start wearing shorts come Spring :)
    Another thing in regards to God's graciousness - I'm reading a Mark Buchannan book at the moment and he talks about when we do walk in the dark we must not forget what we learned about God in the light. Glad God is teaching you so much about his grace and provision and joy in you during this time. Loving hearing about how He is shining His light on you in this time.