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I now live in Victoria, after a couple years on the North Shore of Vancouver, and a (too) brief time in the prairies. Working as an artist, mother and wife (not necessarily in that order), i am striving to live well, to find the truth of God in all things, and to pass on this truth to others.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Psalm 27

i've been stuck in this psalm for over a week - it's like a clean cloth for my muddied soul and eyes and heart.  here it is, paraphrased by yours truly.

Psalm 27

in this dark place, God is
                  my lightsource,
                  my rescue
            so why should i fear?
God's my security, my protection from danger,
           who should i be afraid of?

whatever evil may come against me,
it will not prevail.

even if my greatest fears surround me
            i won't be afraid.
even if they attack me
           i will remain confident.

the one thing i want most in life,
          the thing that i seek out the most:
to live knowing God's presence
              of my life,
to marinade in His beauty
to have my thoughts focussed on His truth.

because then, when troubles come, i'll be


i'll be concealed in His presence
i'll be lifted 

                 out of reach.

then i'll walk confidently in the surrounding pain
always praising and thanking God within me:

Hear this desire God. 
be merciful and help me.
my heart hears You say
      "seek my face"
okay God, i'm seeking You.
i'm seeking You
i'm seeking You

don't reject me, despite who i am.
don't leave me.  don't abandon me.

        who do i have but You?

even if those who love me most leave me,
i know You won't.
        You will hold me close.

how do i live in the midst of this pain God?
show me how to live well,
                                       and right
for i'm continually tempted to despair.
don't let me fall into it
for this sadness accuses me of failure
it threatens to kills me.

                      i am confident
i will see Your goodness here
                 in this land i live in.

and wait patiently
be brave
be courageous
yes, wait patiently for God.


  1. janet... its beautiful and my prayer these days too. i was reading and prayer this psalm a few days ago and got stuck on those last words - "take heart... wait for the LORD". same words that have come to us again and again through this season. take heart and wait for the LORD, because He is the LORD, and He is good and faithful and God.
    i love you janet.

  2. Janet - this is a great paraphrase of a special psalm. You (and Scott) are in my prayers. I don't know why God is asking you to wait and lean on Him in BC when we want you here with Scott in Saskatoon. I have experienced His goodness and blessing in the hard places and know we can be confident that His ways are best. May you be encouraged and blessed in this journey.
    Beth (Epp - at EBC)

  3. We wake to times that seem uneasy.. unknown and untraveled by we.. but remeber you are embarking on a journey that was laid out specifically for you.. The Janet that the Lord created had already walked this walk in the life He made for you. trust that where he had your feet tread was where you were meant to be. In the times we lack that ability to control... when we are unable to make what we need happen, happen.. that he holds our hand and controls the pen that scribbles on our everyday. the pen that we say our hello's and goodbye's our goodnights and good mornings. the pen that we use to write the good and bad .. the pen we use as our mouth that speaks from a heart that is either happy or sad in that moment or maybe both. We are human, we are imperfect but we are blessed with grace and an everlasting love. you will make it through all of this mud and uncertainty that is smearing itself on the path that you had seen before you, now making your path that was set in stone, scattered and in disarray.. but we only see with the eyes and heart that are human and known to be clouded with many things. I hope he gives you a glimpse of what He sees and that he shares his peace with you and the rememberance that he made this path and also made the boots to go along with the mud. love you friend! Nicole Caligirl

  4. In class today we read Jesus' comment to his disciples in the garden after he had been wrestling with his upcoming death. He said,"Couldn't you pray for even one hour? The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." Then he went back and wrestled through the darkness to a place of complete obedience and "the Spirit came and ministered to him." As you wrestle through the tough things the Spirit will come and minister to your soul - that is the 'reality' of God's mystery: His life formed in you.

    God is your keeper:)
    laurel [Psalm 121]